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Safely and responsibly remove your buildings

Whether you are planning a new construction project, have visions for developing your land, or just have a dangerous building on your property, you can trust the 30 years behind our licensed, bonded, and insured team to handle  your demolition.

• Mobile homes

• Houses

• Office buildings

• Retail buildings

• Barns

• Sheds

• Much more

Get rid of your unwanted buildings

Once your building has been responsibly and effectively demolished, you will need to clear your land of the debris that was created by tearing the building down.


Renting a dumpster lets you quickly and easily clear debris so you can move forward with your project. If you need further land clearing, ask about our tree services.

Thoroughly remove the debris

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We started having Johnson & Sons Tree Service do our tree service last spring. Piccadilly hadn’t had a tree trimming done for a number of years and it was very overgrown. We talked with the general manager about doing the trimming in sections over a period of several months.


He was very cooperative and more than happy to accommodate our schedule and the prices were reasonable.


I would gladly recommend them for all your tree services. They are reliable, dependable and reasonable.

- Piccadilly Apartments

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