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City of Newberry

Mac Johnson Roofing and Johnson & Sons Tree Service is an approved vendor for the City of Newberry. The City has been doing business with Mac Johnson for many years. For the last year we entered into a three year contract for the tree services, which has been a great success.


Mr. Mac Johnson, Owner of both Companies, perform their work in a very knowledgeable and professional way. Each service is done in a timely manner and is always completed before the scheduled date with no errors.


I highly recommend Mac Johnson Roofing and Johnson & Son Tree Services for their ability to provide quality services and assure you that The City of Newberry will use them in the future.




Connie Goode

General Services Administrator

City of Newberry

Thank you for your prompt response to our call in May about an oak tree that Haile management had inspected and approved for removal, saying it was 'dangerous based on significant decay, split trunk, broken limbs and leaning toward the neighbor’s property… In at least one location along the trunk, daylight could be seen through the trunk of the tree.' Your company did an excellent job removing the tree without damage to our property or our neighbor’s property.


We were also pleased with the work you did in August after a storm toppled a neighbor’s tree, causing damage to a maple and sweet bay in our yard. Thanks for suggesting that we have the Spanish moss removed from the large oak in front of our home. We had never thought of doing that, but we’re glad we took your advice. The St. Augustine grass under that tree is doing much better now that more light can filter through the tree.


Best Wishes!

Gil and Susie Baxter

Mills Glen, Haile Plantation

Gainesville, FL

Gil and Susie Baxter

It was very easy to schedule the trimming with the general service manager, it needed to be done over several days because of resident parking and other issues.The trees had a much needed and thorough trimming and the place is looking great at a very reasonable price.


The workers were polite and hardworking, cleanup was efficient and it ended up being a pretty painless experience for us.


I would be happy to recommend Johnson and Sons for any tree work you may need. If you need more information,  please feel free to contact us.



Spicea L. Bergman

Resident Manager

Point West Apartment Community

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I would like to thank Johnson & Son’s Tree Service for doing such a great job with tree removal on my property. Damian provided a great service by promptly returning my call and scheduled an appointment to provide an estimate.


This was very much appreciated since some businesses do not return calls promptly, if ever. He took time to discuss my concerns and responded to all my questions on the tree removal process.


The crew was very professional and took great care to clean up my yard after removing the trees. I will definitely use Johnson & Son’s Tree Service again in the future and recommend them to anyone needing tree removal.

-Mark Page

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Johnson & Son Tree Services were professional, prompt and reliable. They did an amazing job with our tree removal and clean up. With their attention to detail and their commitment to customer satisfaction, Karen and I will use them again for any future tree service needs.



Jim McElwain

Head Football Coach

University of Florida

Jim McElwain

I was very pleased with the professionalism displayed by your crews in removing a rather difficult-to-access tree in my yard. As you can probably guess from where I live, Suburban Heights, this neighborhood was built in the middle of a tree farm. When I moved here in 1977 there were still rows of very tall skinny pine trees all over. Some were taken out by the power company, but most were taken out on my direction. I think I have easily had 70 plus trees taken out over the years.


In the process, I have had a major sliding glass door broken from grinding the stump, fuel oil dumped in my front yard, and a dent in the roof siding from a falling limb, among other things. I have used several tree removal companies around Gainesville.


I am writing this to inform you that I believe your company offered the best service yet in terms of removing the tree from a difficult place without damaging anything. I appreciated your bringing the plywood sheets to shield my large glass sliding doors from flying debris, and the attention to detail in hauling the logs and branches away. (I guess I forgot to mention that one tree removal company really screwed up my irrigation system.)


So, in short, I want to commend your company on the good work. I will certainly want to hire you in the future if I have any more trees that need to come out. Thanks for a job well done.



Sharleen Simpson

Gainesville, FL 32605

Sharleen Simpson